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by Dr Janne Ohtonen, CCXP

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Dr Janne Ohtonen, CCXP

  • Two Decades of Revenue Impacting Experience

    Dr Ohtonen has worked with various companies with revenue up to $2bn generating double-digit improvements in many of them.

  • PhD in Customer-centric Business and IT

    Dr Ohtonen holds a Phd, MSc and two BSc’s on business and IT.  He has published 5 books and several online courses.

  • Senior Customer Experience Leader

    Dr Ohtonen has consulted and trained over 1,400 senior level leaders on customer experience strategies.

Dr John C. Maxwell introduces Dr Ohtonen

See What These Amazing Clients Have to Say

An awesome read - you will find yourself inspired to approach the challenge of becoming more customer-centric in a structured and methodical way. Janne shows us that it's not rocket science by breaking it down into bite-sized steps. It is part of learning how to fish, not where to buy a meal.

Anthony Pearmain
Anthony Pearmain Stratmetrix

Dr. Janne Ohtonen is one of the greatest talents in Customer Experience Management and renewing the ways organizations operate today. He has spearheaded the multidisciplinary field of Outside-In thinking for years, combining CEX in a holistic way to more traditional domains of managing companies. His new book on Customer Experience Innovation is a hands-on guide for business leaders targeting Customer-Centric Business Transformation. In the book he describes the techniques in detail, verified in real-life business cases. I have been honored to work with him in few of them, utilizing these techniques highly successfully.

Tuukka Heinonen
Tuukka Heinonen Provad

If you want to ensure long-term business success, then you will find Dr. Ohtonen’s book invaluable – a must-read blueprint for putting the customer at the heart of your organization.

Marcos Moret
Marcos Moret Moret Consulting

We are using the Customer Experience Innovation framework at Fortune Rookies, and this book is extremely helpful because it gives an excellent description of the method and makes it easy to understand

Harri Kulmala
Harri Kulmala Fortune Rookies

As a customer experience professional, I found this book to provide valuable insight, relevant to both the new practitioner and old hands alike. The advice it offers is both inspiring and practical, providing a toolkit for approaching customer experience evolution that can easily be adopted by any business. The author tells you why you need customer experience innovation, how you should do it and how to measure its impact and, essentially, the return on investment it provides, once you have done it. An indispensable resource for any customer focused team or individual – it’s a book you will refer to again and again!

Danielle Sheerin
Danielle Sheerin Avios

This book helped me to clearly articulate the gap between the needs of the organization and that of the customer. Dr. Ohtonen does a brilliant job in understanding and quantifying the reasons as to why having a long-term holistic view of customers’ needs is pivotal to business success.

Nelson Socorro
Nelson Socorro Lloyds