The 5-Star Customer Experience
Three Secrets to Phenomenal Customer Service

The techniques presented in this book have helped some of the most successful companies in the world to improve Customer Experiences with double-digit results. Using these techniques will help you to boost your career, too, as it has ours!

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An awesome read - you will find yourself inspired to approach the challenge of becoming more customer-centric in a structured and methodical way. Janne shows us that it's not rocket science by breaking it down into bite-sized steps. It is part of learning how to fish, not where to buy a meal.

Anthony Pearmain
Anthony Pearmain Partner,
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Dr. Janne Ohtonen is one of the greatest talents in Customer Experience Management and renewing the ways organizations operate today. He has spearheaded the multidisciplinary field of Outside-In thinking for years, combining CEX in a holistic way to more traditional domains of managing companies. His new book on Customer Experience Innovation is a hands-on guide for business leaders targeting Customer-Centric Business Transformation. In the book he describes the techniques in detail, verified in real-life business cases. I have been honored to work with him in few of them, utilizing these techniques highly successfully.

Tuukka Heinonen
Tuukka Heinonen Service Delivery Manager, Provad Ltd

We are using the Customer Experience Innovation framework at Fortune Rookies, and this book is extremely helpful because it gives an excellent description of the method and makes it easy to understand

Harri Kulmala
Harri Kulmala Head of Operations & Strategy, Fortune Rookies

If you want to ensure long-term business success, then you will find Dr. Ohtonen’s book invaluable – a must-read blueprint for putting the customer at the heart of your organization.

Marcos Moret
Marcos Moret Managing Director, Moret Consulting

This book helped me to clearly articulate the gap between the needs of the organization and that of the customer. Dr. Ohtonen does a brilliant job in understanding and quantifying the reasons as to why having a long-term holistic view of customers’ needs is pivotal to business success.

Nelson Socorro
Nelson Socorro Senior Manager – Customer Propositions

Customer Experience Innovation has opened my eyes to the problems businesses face when trying to keep customers satisfied. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to understand customer thought process and how to stay up to date with emerging trends.

Liam Royden
Liam Royden

As a customer experience professional, I found this book to provide valuable insight, relevant to both the new practitioner and old hands alike. The advice it offers is both inspiring and practical, providing a toolkit for approaching customer experience evolution that can easily be adopted by any business. The author tells you why you need customer experience innovation, how you should do it and how to measure its impact and, essentially, the return on investment it provides, once you have done it. An indispensable resource for any customer focused team or individual – it’s a book you will refer to again and again!

Danielle Sheerin
Danielle Sheerin Senior Customer Experience Manager

Janne’s book is a fabulous dive into the world of Customer Experiences set in a hard-core business context. He methodically unpacks useful methodologies designed to tackle the most critical organizational question: how to powerfully align customers’ expectations, needs, and desires with company’s products and services. Customer Journey Mapping is given a closer look, and rightly so. A lot of the delights and challenges customers encounter can be exposed using this tool. In short, anybody who directly or indirectly depends on customers for their success – that is pretty much all of us – should find Janne’s book extremely useful.

Kamil Michlewski, Ph.D.
Kamil Michlewski, Ph.D. Senior Consultant at Human Innovation

I found myself trying to adapt to the situation of the case customers and mentally to suggest what the company should have done differently or how they could have improved the customer experience. After reading this book, I realized how important it is that the whole company works together to achieve more customer centric approach. This is not a book to be read just by the business owners or decision makers; it is a useful book to be read by people at all organizational levels in all industries.

Jenna Heinonen, MBA
Jenna Heinonen, MBA HR Professional

Janne is a coach, speaker and trainer that has been equipped with the best material and has developed the proper skill set to work with clients one-on-one, in group settings, and through workshops and seminars to visualize, create, and execute a customized leadership strategy to best fit your needs. He has been trained by the best and I know it shows.

Juan Rodolfo Zambrano Romay
Juan Rodolfo Zambrano Romay Consultant at Zambrano Romay & Travieso Conseillers
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Close to $1million in New Revenue Were Achieved With The Secrets Revealed in The Book within Just 4 Months

In this Book You Will Discover About CUSTOMER-CENTRIC...


    You are knowledgeable to explain why Customer Experience Innovation is vital for the sustainable growth of your company’s revenue


    You are the master of creating a Customer Experience Blueprint that wows the customers and brings in the profit for the business


    You know how to use Customer Journey Mapping tools including step-by-step guides and examples with illustrations to optimize cost efficiency

Table of Contents

  • Foreword By Ian Golding, CCXP

    He has spent over 20 years working with organizations of all shapes and sizes to enable them to deliver experiences that are better able to exceed customer expectations.

  • Why Should You Take Action Based On This Book?

    Ensure sustainable financial success of your organisation while delighting your customers.

  • Why Customer Experience Innovation Is Needed?

    Understand Return-on-Investment for Customer Experiences.

  • Secret 1: Creating a Customer Experience Blueprint

    Have a Customer Experience Strategy that delivers revenue, profit and customers satisfaction.

  • Secret 2: Creating a Customer Journey Map

    Understand what the customers go through with your business and manage the emotions and the cost efficiency.

  • Secret 3: Creating Results

    Take your strategy and plans into action and see your revenues grow, cost base decrease and customers smiling!

  • Epilogue

    Final words to send you off to your success.

  • About The Author

    Get to know and connect with the book author, Dr. Janne Ohtonen.

  • Resources

    The book includes valuable resources that you can utilise for your Customer Experience success.

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Meet The Author

Dr. Janne Ohtonen

Dr. Ohtonen believes that the most dramatic transformations to an organization’s profitability, efficiency and performance come through the alignment of Customer Experience with Business Processes, Enterprise Architecture, and Innovation. This requires leadership and commitment, both of which he provides expertise in. Dr. Ohtonen is a regular contributor as a Keynote Speaker to C-level roundtables, MBA courses, and international conferences. He delivers practical expertise in Customer Experience Management, Principles of Leadership, and Innovation and Change.

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Dr. Ohtonen believes that the most dramatic transformations to an organization’s profitability, efficiency and performance come through the alignment of Customer Experience with Business Processes, Enterprise Architecture, and Innovation. This requires leadership and commitment, both of which he provides expertise in. Dr. Ohtonen is a regular contributor as a Keynote Speaker to C-level roundtables, MBA courses, and international conferences. He delivers practical expertise in Customer Experience Management, Principles of Leadership, and Innovation and Change.

He has worked with well-known companies like Apple, Avios, British Telecom, Pfizer, IAG Group, Satmetrix, DST Systems, Aviva, Metro Bank, and British Airways. Dr. Ohtonen has also published several books on customer-centric business process management and capabilities. He typically engages with:

  • Board members & C-level leaders looking to achieve a significant improvement in Customer Experience and Loyalty.
  • Top executives who need Voice of Customer programme and Customer Advocacy expertise.
  • Business leaders who want to maximize results and overcome common Customer Experience challenges.
  • Business owners who need an expert to deliver dramatic transformation in organization’s efficiency, profitability & performance through world-class Customer Experience.

Dr. Ohtonen helps top business leaders to:

  • Improve the customer experience your company provides to a world-class standard.
  • Lead turnkey customer-centric change initiatives from concept to practical delivery.
  • Support the building of customer-centric innovation culture.
  • Design and implement high-performing voice of customer programs.
  • Create strategies to improve business efficiency, profitability and performance.

Dr. Ohtonen was born and raised in Kajaani, Finland. He now lives with his wife and son in London, United Kingdom, known for its international business ambiance. He is a Certified Scuba Diving Instructor and enjoys to explore the underwater world.

A portion of his pre-tax income is donated to charities creating a livelihood for the poor.

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Janne is a customer experience guru. He is creative in his vision of what a customer centric business should be, and has more knowledge in customer experience and engagement than anyone I have worked with in the past. It's a pleasure to work with him.

- Craig Bens, Learning & Development Manager

Janne is a true customer experience champion and he is very knowledgeable about all aspects of customer engagement. Great to work with, Janne leads by example and knows how to motivate his colleagues.

- Ulla Rannikko, Senior Digital Insight Analyst

Janne is an inspiring individual to work alongside, he is someone who is always doing something to further develop himself but also Avios. Janne clearly has a high level of expertise in business being able to bring new ideas to the table and a different way of looking at things.

- Jenny Austin, Human Resources

Janne is one of the coolest but at the same time strategically inclined professionals I have worked with; he was very clear with his objectives and his requirements and this made working with him a wonderful experience. Janne also does well in assessing and sizing up those he works with and uses those assessments and conclusions for better outcomes.

- Ambi Moorthy, Product Marketing Manager at Zoho Corporation

Janne is a driven individual with plenty of energy and fresh new ideas. He gets things done and is excellent at finding information he needs to accomplish any task.

- Petri Reiman, Chief Technology Officer, Affecto Finland Ltd

Janne is a skilled professional with top-quality results, a great co-worker and a friend at the same time. It's always a pleasure to work with him in the same team.

- Andrei Legeza, Development Manager, Berner

I got to know Janne when we were both studying at the JTO for the certified coach training. As part of our training, Janne coached me, so I can warmly recommend him as a coach.

- Rauna Kolehmainen, Vice President, Human Resources, Uponor Group
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Case Study on Results Achieved Using The Advice From
The 5-Star Customer Experience Book

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